About Us

A family Business

Our Chilli Jams, Sauces and Italian sauces have been developed over the last 2 decades with Big Ev using family and friends as guinea pigs to perfect his recipes using his home grown ingredients.

It started with his Neapolitan and Amatriciana sauces and then in 2008 he had a bumper crop of chillies and tomatoes, the Jams and Sauces were developed.

Friends have been known to change travel plans to be present at his place for his lasagne nights.

Once his chilli jams and sauces were perfected everyone kept telling him to go commercial, to share these with the wider community. The seed was sown. After a lot of cajoling during 2018 by friends and family, in 2019 Adam his son and Lauren his daughter in law, convinced him to do just that and they would bring their marketing and sales skills along with their time commitment into the venture. 

Isaac, his youngest son, is a professional artist and developed the logo while Rebecca and Patrick, his two eldest, agreed to be testers.

Big Ev’s was born.

Onwards and upwards.




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info@ bigevs.co.nz


New Zealand