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Chilli Jams, Chutneys and ItaliaN sauces

Using only natural ingredients with no added preservatives

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natural ingredients

Coffee Bean

no added preservatives

Coffee Bean

Soy and Dairy free. No Gluten products used.

 Bring a little spice to your life with our highly acclaimed chilli jams, chilli chutneys and chilli Italian sauces made locally with natural ingredients.

Italian Sauces

Our Italian Pasta sauces are a more traditional style with the Neapolitan sauce having a mild chilli hit while the Amatriciana Sauce is a bit heavier handed. Use with any Pasta or spread on your Pizza base or bruschetta. 

Chilli Jam

A blended relish type consistency and are a smooth texture, Asian inspired flavours and a chilli hit, but not overpowering.

Use on
Cheese boards, bread boards, as a dip, add to casseroles, savoury scones, dip mixes, pizza spread. A great replacement for sweet chilli or tomato sauce.


A firm and chunky consistency with the same Asian inspiration and a chilli heat designed to not overpower. Use in cheese boards, spreads and add to stir fries.

Use on
Cheese boards, bread boards, as a dip, add to savoury scone mixes or as a filling, dip mixes as a condiment, sandwich or croissant spreads.

All our products are designed to be used straight from the Jar. Just add your favourite extras.

The way you use them are limited only by your imagination.

Pairs well with Conversation, Best enjoyed in good company.

I’m bringing you my best, you do the rest.

It’s now your turn to enjoy.

We have found that once you’ve tried our products ………… You’ll want more



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