Sweet and Savoury gift pack


A great idea to give to friends and get them as addicted to Big Ev’s as you are. 1 x 95gm jar of each of our 3 Chilli Jams and a 1 x 95gm jar of each of our 2 Chilli Chutneys all on a Big Ev’s Paddle board. 6 product items.




Our Chilli Jams, Chutneys and Italian Sauces use natural ingredients. They are vegetarian and vegan friendly. No added preservatives, no Gluten products and they are Soy and Dairy free.
The Jams and Chutneys have no added salt with the Sauces having low salt content.
*Send your Jars back for a replacement and receive a 50 cent discount on each jar


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