Chilli Chutney

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The Chilli Chutneys have a firm and chunky consistency with the same Asian inspiration and a solid chilli hit designed to not overpower.

Use on
Cheese boards, bread boards, as a dip, add to savory scone mixes or as a filling, dip mixes, as a condiment, sandwich or croissant spreads.

Our Chilli Chutneys use natural ingredients. They are vegetarian and vegan friendly. No added preservatives, no Gluten products and they are Soy and Dairy free.
The Chutneys have no added salt.
*Send your Jars back for a replacement and receive a 50 cent discount on each jar

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2 reviews for Chilli Chutney

  1. Malcolm

    Yummy. I need more!!

  2. Marsha Bailey

    This stuff is delicious! I recently had the pleasure of having some while in NZ. I must say I ate it all and didn’t leave any for my son that I was visiting. 😋😬

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